Alfonso De Grandis: Sound Design, Sound Art, Music Production and composition

Alfonso creates bespoke sonic compositions for moving images and other media.

Blurring the lines between sound design, sound art and music, in his creative choices he prioritises the new rather than the obvious.

Alfonso has more than fifteen years experience and he is based in London, a city he loves and one that continues to drive him and remains the main influence behind his experimental and enthusiastic approach.

The Walt Disney Company, Discovery Channel, VICE, BT Sport, BTTV, Aspect Media, MTV, Die Wolke Arte, Worldmark Films, IMG, Sunset and Vine, RCS Sport, ESPN and Vodafone are some of his clients.

Beside from his work in the TV and film industries, he also produces experimental music. He is the chief sound designer of the awarded Imago dance film series.

Alfonso is part of the Sound Art Duo Paradigm Weave, along with Sound artist and composer Dani Joss.

In the music industry he has recorded, mixed and collaborated with several international artists. He is the main producer of the London based Post-Punk project Takeshi Kalamaro.